The Crazy-Big Bundle of Top Design Goods


Who Doesn’t Love a Bundle? If you are a designer of any kind, you are always searching for resources, free resources to be more specific and there are more than a fair share of freebies out there on the web. Every once and awhile a great bundle deal comes along and you spend a little…

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Unique4Home Our Newest Client

We are proud to display one of our newest client websites, Unique4Home! Unique4Home is a design and remodeling center, specializing in distinct kitchen and baths, based in Easton, PA. What makes them unique, aside from their work, is their 3500 sq ft showroom that hosts a wide array of high-quality unique products and designs to help you…

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Online Resources for Creative Design Inspiration


Design, whether it’s for print, digital marketing, editorials or websites, requires constant creative juice. But even the most prolific and passionate designers can hit inspiration road blocks. When you’re on a deadline, and you’re committed to doing good work, a little outside motivation can get the wheels turning again. If you’ve found yourself stumbling over…

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10 Reasons To Use SMS Marketing

One of the basic practical rules in marketing is to think like your audience, to keep up-to-date with their buying habits and where they are looking. As marketers, we’re constantly thinking up creative ways to get our message out to existing and potential customers; whilst also ensuring we get good results from our efforts.  …

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50 Free Web Designer Resources


The tremendous thing about the design community is that we all love to share. We really do. Whether we share our thoughts and ideas via an in-depth article or by giving advice/feedback on a forum, or even by freely offering high-quality resources. The sharing is what makes our community truly great! From our friends at…

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50 Free Web Tools You Should Check Out

Did someone say free web tools? The web tools movement is as hot as ever and there are plenty of free, high-quality options available. Louis Lazaris, a frontend developer, a managing editor for SitePoint, and curator of Web Tools Weekly, runs down 50 useful findson CREATIVEBLOQ. Check out the full list here:

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7 Bad Graphic Design Habits to Lose

bad designer habits, bad habits

Do you have bad designer habits? Knowing what designer mistakes are is the first step. Then a designer will become aware if they start to slip into any of the following bad habits. Read the full list here and avoid bad habits:

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Top 10 Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers in 2016

Photoshop wasn’t created as a web design tool, but no one bothered telling us web designers that. Luckily, here are 10 plugins to make Photoshop do to web design what it’s intended to do to photographs. See the complete list here:

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30 Tools That No Designer Should Live Without

A nice comprehensive list of the best software, apps, tools, skills, websites and resources that no designer can or should live without, compiled by our friends at Speckyboy design magazine. Check out the full list and article here:

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How to Convert CMYK to PMS With Adobe Illustrator

If you can afford the swatch books from Pantone, that’s great, they do have some advantages like being able to show them to a client, especially when they are undecided on a color. They do have a shelf life of a couple years though, which is a bit of a disadvantage to spend the $130+ every…

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Eat A Wing for Charity Event!

Join us on August 27th as we co-host with Lehigh Pizza our annual Eat A Wing for Charity event. This year our proceeds will be benefiting Peaceable Kingdom, a local no-kill shelter in Whitehall, PA. You can check out our facebook event link here: If you would like to learn more about Peaceable Kingdom you can…

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Privacy – Lessons From Apple Versus the F.B.I.


Unless you’re living under a rock, you are aware of the recent privacy case the FBI had against Apple, which has subsequently been dropped. The matter of personal security and privacy has drawn a very bold line, splitting the sides between those who agree and those who disagree. Are there any winners in this whole…

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Cybel LLC – Our Newest Website


We are proud to reveal our newest client website for a local Bethlehem company Cybel LLC. Cybel is a Photonic Company which specializes in the design and fabrication of fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers. In the present age of everything mobile, we went with a non-responsive design because some things just aren’t meant to be simplified for…

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Social Media Etiquette and the Mob Mentality

Social media is all around us these days and there is no escaping it, especially if you own a business. When used properly, it can be a very inexpensive tool to reach out and connect with your customers, breathing personality into your business and making them feel like they are interacting with people and not…

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40 Beautiful Free Cursive Fonts You Can Use

Fonts say so much about your website and about its content that it’s imperative you find the right one, as you’ll want to attract as much possible attention to your words as possible. There are a variety of web safe fonts and free fonts you can find online… thousands upon thousands of styles. However, if…

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40 Poster Design Projects With Unique Concepts

css generators

Posters are an essential part of advertising an upcoming event; Whether it’s an upcoming film, an album debut, or an inauguration party, you will need a beautiful poster to attract people’s attention. A great poster must make a good impression and must have a strong impact on the viewer. If you’re working on designing a unique…

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