How Much Does Your Website Really Cost?

Cost is everything

Sometimes you have to prioritize business needs. There are somethings you can get started without and there are somethings  you just can’t do without. In the end these decisions usually come down to cost. Now I’ve posted quite a bit about why you need a website.

Here is a great article that touches on all the work that goes into creating that website. Every dollar you spend on your business and the marketing of it is an investment. Keep that in mind when you look at the price of building a website. Sure, there are probably cheaper options out there but, you get what you pay for. Consider this article from the good people at What No Website? as somewhat of a reference. A good designer should be factoring all of these elements into your website. A good designer will bring up  all of these points in researching what you need, even if you don’t need them. You can read the full article here: Full Article