Social media shows no mercy during Oregon’s historic collapse

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5 Apps to Give Your Phone Extra Superpowers

If you’re wanting to go beyond the basic stuff everyone does with their phone—either by extending its capabilities or by taking more control over what it already does—we’ve got just the collection of tools for you. These automators, taskers, and shortcut makers can quickly hack Android or iOS to do your mobile bidding. Check them…


Best Graphic Design and Branding Inspiration in 2015

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99 Freebies To Help You Build Awesome Websites

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23 New WordPress Plugins You’ll Find Useful

As a web designer, you must always stay updated and know all the latest design news. Our friends at LINE25 gathered here in this list 23 new WordPress plugins you’ll find useful.

Free Goods of the Week

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20 Most Beautiful Websites of 2015

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Do Digital Typefaces Really Need To Be Different Than Print?

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30+ Incredible Freebies for Web Designers, November 2015

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50 Free Headline Fonts Built For Impact And Audience Engagement

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16 New Futuristic Free Fonts for Designers

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The 55 best iPhone and iPad apps of 2015

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30 Free Icons Sets That You Must Have

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Turn Your Frequent iPhone Tasks Into Apps

Nowadays most of us have our head buried in our phone all day long. Alloy is a handy little app that helps you spend less time using your iPhone. Worth the $5 if you ask us. Read more about it HERE.